HR Consultancy

Boss, cares and makes it its own responsibility to shape your organization scheme by ascertaining the job analysis and definitions upon structuring the HR policies within the service scope.

Upon appointing the necessary criteria for planning staff strength and finding the right employee for the tasks and positions, Boss, assists in the process of the featured placement, testing and evaluation. We provide the setup of the optimum system by combining the technology and the knowledge with applicable software, which have proved themselves in the international arena, or the administrations’ own software on setting up the salary, premium and rewarding.

We are here to be your assistant and provide our expertise to your organization to increase your profit and operational success in the fields of time management, career planning, employee life-cycle and performance managing systems.

Payroll and HR Software

Netkey Informatics Systems LLC., one of the group companies of the organization that Boss Governance is a part of, is one of the most experiences solution partner of Logo Software. The partnership enhances the strenght to create additional features upon need and creates project-based solutions for the payroll and HR processes. With the strength and quality of our IT - Software department located in the R&D center, we are here to developed specific systems and solutions for our clients’ needs along with developing our own government supported HR software.

You can access further information on our own product; Human Resources Management System; Informasoft® HRMS by clicking here.

Payroll Services

Boss Governance (Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.) offers you the most suitable and efficient configuration related to your payroll processes upon pointing out and discovering the best solutions applicable to your special needs.

Choosing Boss to be your solution partner, will provide you compliancy with the legal processes and the legitimate procedures on personnel affairs. Boss does not only protect you from the possible risks by taking all the responsibilities on itself with its indemnity insurances, but also regulates the social insurance reports of all the office premises belong to your company. We help you eliminate the processes without accretion value in your organization by preparing the reports that your administration needs with complete accuracy and on a timely manner. We are here to serve you as a guide on examining and processing your payroll tasks and become an advisor on the employee lifecycle; from onboarding until the termination processes. With the help of taking the advantage of your legal rights, Boss helps you decrease your costs and increase your efficiency. Within our confidentiality clauses, all our tasks are provided in high security by keeping the salary information privileged and private without a sacrifice on the privacy policies.

Please click to see 10 important reasons to outsource payroll.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

With the strength of our boundless expertise and capabilities, Boss can provide solutions to its clients who wish to outsource various operations and business functions, as your outsourced operational processes will be carried out with the utmost attention to service quality among other things.

We provide back-end functions can be bundled into a single solution and single invoice approach to our clients. A single service definition enables our clients to reduce the amount of governance required in addition to lowering costs and raising efficiency.

HR Management

In the Human Resources management and human capital management functions of an entity, Boss is eligible to apply the most appropriate solutions to use human resources functions most efficiently which enables organizations to reach their ultimate goals. Placing the right people in the right positions by finding individuals with the appropriate core competencies, fundamental abilities; and matching them with suitable positions while establishing well-equipped systems to enable employee self-improvement requires both experience and technology.

Boss will be your guide in the appreciation of the employees, extinguishing demotivating factors and evaluating performance on a scientific basis and the standards during the process of choosing and placing employees, performance evaluation, career planning, time management and training of your HR department..

Financial Consultancy

Boss Governance, provides financial advisory services through our sister company IstanbulCPA (Istanbul Uluslararası Denetim ve SMMM Ltd. Sti) for both local and foreign investors who already have a business in Turkey. IstanbulCPA was established by gathering the occupational groups together which work on cost accountancy, stock-control, management accountancy and general accountancy and reporting that is intended to foreign partners in various industrial establishments.

Services in this field are;

  • Creation and management of a liaison office
  • Creation of all kinds of companies
  • Governance and accountancy services
  • International reporting
  • Tax Consultancy
  • All services are in line with Turkish Uniform Accounts and IFRS

Certified Councillorship

BOSS Governance Inc. presents all the certified councillorship and complete approval needs of foreign investors who will make investments in Turkey to all local and foreign investors with the assistance and partnership of its well-known business partners. Boss Governance presents all the certified councillorship and complete approval needs of foreign investors who will make investments in Turkey or all native and foreign investors who already have businesses in Turkey. Boss presents key solutions for such needs by co-operating with several native and foreign governance and financial advisory companies in various price and service categories.

Employee Time Tracking

The synchronization of the time data of the employees with the specialized Time & Attendance systems, Personnel Attendance Controlling System Boss Governance offers is both already in service or requested to be set-up with the payroll data within the present payroll and HR program. We are here to assist you in all process from the establishment of the tracking cards until obtaining the outputs of the T&A System. Ours solutions offered in regard is fully compliant with the Turkish regulations and is built around the knowledge and experience we have in the sector and on the relevant regulations.

Leave Tracking and Self Service

Booking and keeping the records of the employees’ leaves and absences along with holding a leave book is still an obligation in Turkey. Thus, keeping the employee leaves up to date is a crucial HR function when it comes to employment termination, transfer of unused leave days and other related processes.

Online leave tracking system on Informasoft® HRMS is here to provide easy solutions to the complex leave tracking processes. Thus, having all the leave and employee related tasks managed on an online portal, with a single sign on access is important for saving time and increasing efficiency. Having such processes automating and made online minimizes the risk of errors. Moreover, no matter which HR program is used the employees can obtain access their own payslips with their own passwords on the web allowing flexibility and saving paper. Boss presents genuine solutions by using professional programs in this field Click here for leave tracking program demo.

Performance and Career

We provide consultancy services with our staff specialized in detecting salary standards by offering benchmarking solutions, assisting your entity to aim appointing the most qualified employees for transfers and distinguishing the successful from unsuccessful. Our intention in evaluating the performances of the employees and the companies is to obtain performance improvement in every point of the organization by means of communication.

Today, the companies have to allow career developing programs to benefit from human resources on the high level. Boss is capable of providing the best solutions in terms of its activities in business processes and enhancing the business satisfaction of the employees.

Legal Advisory

Boss Governance, assists local and foreign investors with their needs of incorporating a legal presence in Turkey along with the legal compliancy and regulation compliancy matters on trading transactions, formation of companies, share transfers, merger and acquisitions and other advocacy and counselling needs by means of well-known law offices along with the in house legal counsel.

Besides, we reveal successful results with our experienced staff on human resources policies, problematic terminations of employment contracts, notice – severance packages, and any other legal problems in the employee life cycle.

Our legal advisory is applicable to many other sections beside HR matters such as GDPR and Personal Data Protection Law policies and compliancy issues, tax advisory, etc.

International Services

As in todays world, with the new economic and technological infrastructure, the trade lane is changing where our company gives professional services to create / incorporate local entities for foreign investors in Turkey. The key solutions that Boss presents is to avoid barriers in international trade and investments occur by statutory legislations and local applications, meet the needs smoothly with the help of its network. The services in this field also consult for providing qualified work force and determining the number and the budget of employees that are required, and virtual office apart from the human resource needs of the foreign investor.

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