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Cookie Policy

1. General Information

We, as Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. ("Company"), use various cookies on our website This policy is about the cookies we use on our site, and it aims to explain which cookies we use during your visit to our website and for which purpose.

Cookies are small text files that are obtained through the website you visit and enable the person placing the cookie to obtain information about you. Cookies are generally used for functionality, performance and marketing activities for websites to function properly or in a better way, creating general usage reports, or recalling users.

2. The Cookies We Use and Our Purposes

Some cookies we use within the scope of the services are mandatory. Some of the cookies we use are used only when you give your consent. In this context, the cookies we use are as follows:

Mandatory Cookies : These cookies are mandatory for the use of our website and mostly do not contain personal data. Your consent is not required for the use of such cookies.
Cookies we use to increase website functionality : These cookies are used to increase the functionality of our site, such as providing language selection by region. These types of cookies are used based on your consent.
Cookies we use for website performance purposes : These cookies are used to develop our website and make improvements. These types of cookies are used based on your consent.
Profiling or targeting cookies : When you visit our website, we record and analyze your transactions and behavioral habits through these cookies. In this way, we carry out personalized advertising and marketing activities and highlight personalized contents. These types of cookies are used subject to your consent.

In this context, the cookies we use are as follows:

Cookie Group Name of the Cookie Description Compulsorily
Google Analytics _ga, _gid, _gat It may use a range of cookies in order to collect information without identifying the identities of visitors and to submit the website usage statistics to Google. Google Analytics may also use them to distinguish the visitors. N/A (Data is processed anonymously.)
Google login status Login status cookies They are used to help us with improving our services to provide a better browsing experience to the users. N/A (Data is processed anonymously.)
Google _NID It is a cookie of preferences that Google users have in their browsers as "NID". Compulsory
Google Doubleclick IDE This cookie stores information on how many times a Google advertisement is displayed on your browser as well as from where it is displayed. Furthermore, it also measures the display frequency of the advertisements. N/A (Data is processed anonymously.)
Fonts The cookie required to load the fonts. It is used in order not to download from CDN every time when Google’s Poppins font family is used. Compulsory
Language Selection (En-GB, tr-TR, ar,cn,ru) These are the cookies that allow you to display the contents in your own language according to your language preferences. Compulsory
true It is a cookie that identifies your preference of the use of the cookies Compulsory
Login Website Visit These are the cookies that monitor the pages you have navigated during your visit to the site. Compulsory
Social Media Sharing addthis It is the Social Media Sharing buttons application. It monitors the sharing of the articles on our website via social media through addthis. Compulsory
Social Media Facebook,
Links are provided on our website to Social Media Platforms LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Please visit the relevant pages of the social media websites about their use of cookies. LinkedIn. Twitter. Facebook. Compulsory

We use the following cookies according to their lifetime. These are:

Permanent Cookies : These cookies are assigned to your device and used throughout their validity period.
Temporary Cookies or
Session Cookies
: These types of cookies are specially assigned to each visit, and their lifetime is equal to the duration of your visit. These types of cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

We use our own cookies and third-party cookies on our site. We can explain the cookies we use in this direction as follows:

First Party Cookies : These are the cookies we place by ourselves and use for our own products and services.
Third Party Cookies : These are the cookies other websites place, and their purposes and usage methods depend on third parties.

3. Cookies Removal Procedure

We place cookies on our system through the browsers you use. Users can delete, block or re-approve any of the cookies used, stored, and processed on our company's website, with methods varying according to the browsers they use. Depending on the browser you use to visit our site, you can perform the aforementioned operations in the links below.

When you revoke your consent to cookies, you may not be able to use some functions of our site or use them with less efficiency.

Internet Explorer :
Chrome :
Firefox :
Safari :
Opera :

If you are using a different browser than the ones above, visit the developer page of your browser.

You can use the following link: to turn off Google Analytics cookies in all browsers.

Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. reserves the right to make changes to this cookie statement. We care about your privacy and therefore update our cookie notice when necessary. You can always access the current version of our policy by visiting our site.

This website is using cookies.
In this website, we use cookies to develop your user experience, obtain efficient work and track statistical data. You are agreeing to our use of cookies by browsing our website. Please review Çerezler (Cookies) page for detailed information of how we manage the cookies. This choice is valid for 30 days until you delete the cookies in your web browser.