SSI announcement on online application for new business / workplace

About the SSI announcement on online application for new business / workplace declaration via e-sigorta application

Summary: As the pilot project regarding the online declaration of a new workplace has been successful, SSI announced that all new workplace SSI declarations can be processed online as of 26/08/2014.

Concerns whom: All businesses who will have employees working in their new workplace. Online declaration is optional, standard paper applications continue to be accepted.

Initial Steps: Information regarding the Turkish Identity number, place and date of birth of the person who will make the declaration on behalf of the new workplace / business is required in order to register in the system.
After successful login, you will have the following 5 options depending on the legal characteristics of the new workplace:

-Real person
-Government Legal Entity
-Private legal entity (corporations)
-Common Partnership
-Condo Manager

You will need the Turkish Identity Number for the real person establishments and registered tax number for legal entities to complete the declaration process.

Next Steps and Registration: A trip to the relevant SSI Bureau with the required paperwork is still required for complete registration. Within 7 days following the online declaration, you need to apply to the Social Security Bureau with the required documents, outlined by the article 29 Social Security Procedure Regulation in order to finalize and register the new workplace.


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