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Registerred E-Mail

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KEP Registered E-Mail (REM) is a digital notification system, having been developed so as to eliminate bureaucracy, and disputes as well. This is a type of the numerous notifications we are currently to make legally by means of paper and wet signature, converted with the highest level of security and evidential potential. Not only the contracts, warnings, applications, petitions, and agreements, but also the procedures related with numerous functions of the human resources as well are executed paper-free via REM in the electronic environment.

Registered Electronic Mail is stipulated under the following Articles of the New Turkish Commercial Law No.2102, dated 13.11.2011. Article 18 Clause 3: Notifications and warnings between the merchants intended to put the other into default, to terminate the contract between each other, to withdraw from such a contract are made by the mediation of a notary public, via registered mail, telegram, or via registered electronic mail system by making use of one's secure electronic signature.

Article 1525 Clause 2: The methods and principles with regard not only to the registered electronic mail system itself, but also to the transactions to be made via this system, and to the outcomes thereof, as well as to the real people, enterprises, and companies possessing registered mail addresses, to the rights and obligations, authorizations, and inspections of the providers of the registered electronic mail system services are regulated by means of a regulation of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority. The said Regulation is published in no later than five months as from the publication of this Law.

In accordance with the Electronic Notification Regulation, having become applicable upon being published on Issue No.28533 of the Official Gazette, dated January 19th, 2013, Joint-Stock Companies, Limited Liability Companies, and Partnerships Limited by Shares have been obliged to possess REM addresses.

In the course of time, the methods with regard to the REM System and REM service providers have been designated thanks to the respective efforts of ICTA (Information and Communication Technologies Authority), and the technical specifications, as well as the rules with regard to the providers have been announced by means of various communiqués.

Thanks to the products it has designed for the sake of integrating the Human Resources processes with REM, Boss Yönetişim A.Ş. is ready to be supportive by way of consulting with regard to your Company's e-transformation processes.

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Special Solutions

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Special Solutions

With the help of the technological knowledge and support of one of the sister companies, Netkey Informatics Systems LLC., UP develops software solutions that are needed in many fields by enterprises. These solutions that are developped accordingly are syncronized with the databases and the data processes background which are used within the enterprise, and are maintained through our support.

Surveying Solutions

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Performance and Career

We provide consultancy services  with our staff specialized in detecting salary standards, helping with appointing the qualified employees for transfers and distinguishing the succesfull from the unsuccesful. Our aim in evaluating the performance is to obtain continious performance improvement in every point of the organization by means of communication.

In todays world, successful comapnies need to utilize their human resources in an effective manner by implementing career development programs. Boss  provides solutions in this regard that inturn increase efficiency, employee satisfaction, and improve busieness processes.

Boss helps to the employer  identify areas of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction. For accurate and reliable results, we use surveys which are developed by experts.


Leave Tracking

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Leave Tracking and Self Service HR

Keeping the information of leave and obtaining the vacation book which is still a statuory obligation, and keeping the updated leaves and revolving leave balances is an important HR function. As an addition to this complex process, asking for the leave on the web and having an approval process and being able to register to the payslip information on- line saves time for the company. Automating this process minimizies the risk of error. Moreover, no matter which HR program is used the the employee's being able to obtain his own salary payroll with his own password on the web will assure flexibility and a save in paper. Boss presents genuine solutions by using Professional programs in this branch.

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Payroll and HR Software

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Payroll and HR Software

Netkey Informatics Systems LLC. , one of the sister companies of Boss Governance Inc., is the solution partner of Logo Software. This partnership develops additional features and Project solutions for the payroll and resources software are that involved in the Logo product family. Please find further information about the softwares at these links;

  • Logo Go Payroll
  • Tiger2 Payroll
  • Tiger2 Human Resources
  • Smart - Payslip
  • Smart - Expense
  • Smart - Leave
  • Smart - Performance
  • Timeget