Pathway: LEGISLATION Social Security Instituition Law Announcement About Sick Leave

Announcement About Sick Leave

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It is announced that the employer must notify the Social Security Instituition in 5 working days about the sick leaves , for leaves under 10 days, the last day, and for leaves longer than 10 days, the last days of each 10-day period must be notified through web on following the employer (İŞVEREN) tab on the site. Unless the notifies are done by the employer, an administrative fine will be applied according to the article numbered 102 of the law numbered 5510. In most cases, the employees do not inform the employer about their sick leaves, yet this becomes an important issue espicially for the leaves longer than 10 days as doctors write the reports for 1 or 2 months retroactively. Therefore it is difficult for the employers to notify the SSI. For now, no detailed explanation is made about the issue.
Please see the relevant announcement below.



Announcement about procedures and principles related to notifying the employees on sick leave to the social security instituiton by employers


Article 1 – (1) The purpose of this announcement is to arrange the procedures and principles related to mandatorily notifying theinsuranced  employees on sick leave to the social security instituiton by employers by electronical means in order for the employees to receive their pension against temporary incapacity to work for the leave period.

Executing the notification and sending to the instituiton

Article 5 – (1) It is mandatory to notify the instituition of the deserved sick leave in the following 5 days after the leave by means of using the menus in order;  ‘İŞVEREN’, ‘ÇALIŞILMADIĞINA DAİR BİLDİRİM GİRİŞİ’, ‘KULLANICI ŞİFRE EKRANI’, ÇALIŞILMADIĞINA DAİR BİLDİRİM İŞLEMLERİ’, ‘GİRİŞ’

Not sending the notification or sending in an exceeded period

Article 6 – (1) An administrative is applied for the employers that did not send the notification or sent after the determined 5 days according to the 5th article of the law.


Article 7 – (1) This announcement is executed on the date it is published (12.05.2010).


Article 8 – (1) The provisions are executed by Social Security Instituition Minister.