Pathway: LEGISLATION Social Security Instituition Law Changes in Absences Days Notification of SSI

Changes in Absences Days Notification of SSI

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For companies that have less than 30 employees, missing social security days must be notified to the authority using the related form EK-10 SGK Eksik Gün Bildirimi (Absences Days Notification  of the Social Security Institute) which must be submitted along with supporting documents (Such as unpaid leave forms, sickness reports, etc…). A new change announced in the official gazette on the 21st of August 2013 under the title ‘Sosyal Sigorta İşlemleri Yönetmeliğinde Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Yönetmelik’ (Amending the Regulation on Social Security Procedures) has reduced the number of employees for companies that this rule applies to from 30 to 10. According to this change, all companies with less than 10 employees must make monthly notifications to the authority using the related forms and documents mentioned above. Companies with 10 employees and above can provide information related to missing social security days by including it in the Aylık Prim ve Hizmet Bildirgesinde ( Monthly Declaration of Premium and Service).